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This section of the website will be updated as and when there is either progress on the seedlings or I have planted new seeds to the nursery.

Introducing the propagator

Now that I have a little bud and separated the juniper from the fridge I have decided to place the two individual into a propagator during the day and lid off during the night to let it get some air. Again this is trial and error for me at the moment, figuring out what works best. I have noticed that it helps to prevent  the pots too keep drying out quicker and is providing a nice humid environment. For now lets watch this space so to speak! 🙂


Separation time…

Previously I had made up two separate pots of juniper seeds and placed them in the fridge. (As seen below) They have been in the fridge at about roughly three weeks.  I decided to experiment by removing one of the pots from the fridge and leaving one inside the fridge. The one I removed from the fridge, I have placed into a propagator the other pot I am going to leave in the fridge for a couple more weeks. I choose to do this to see which method would work well with these particular seeds and I feel that maybe in the future I will make up two pots of the same seeds to see what works each time.


After four weeks of waiting and slowly wondering if I was watering it and giving it enough light I have a little piece of hope to look after! It is from the dawn redwood seeds. (If you scroll down you will learn more about this process.) I’m  really excited and I hope I can keep the little guy alive and grow it into a lovely bonsai tree. I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Oh dear…

I accidently sabotaged my red maple seeds, oops! I was watering them like I do every day but this time I used the tap! Then boom I some how manage to turn the tap on full blast and splat mud and water everywhere seeds no more! Annoyed with myself is an understatement. Usually I use the mini watering can not the tap so lesson learnt!

Juniper seeds

I planted the Juniper seeds on the 10th of march 2018. As before, I pre soaked the seeds seeds 2in some water for the 24 hour period. The Juniper seeds came from the Bonsai Beauties kit shown in a blog post on the main page of the website. I used the materials from this kit to sow the seeds. After completing the sowing process I placed the pots in a small sandwich style bag leaving it unsealed as instructed to allow the air to circulate whilst going through the cold stratification process. to complete the process (for now) I have placed both pots of seeds in the draw of the fridge where they will stay for up to six to eight weeks as instructed. I have followed a different process with these seeds than I have with the red maple and dawn redwood to learn which method works better or at all. Now I shall monitor the seeds to see if they develop life. Watch this space.

Red Maple and Dawn redwood seeds update:seeds one
Theses two pots of seeds have both been potted the longest with the red maple coming into its third week. I do not hold much hope on these two pots although I could be mistaken so I’m going to ride it out as a top tip says it can take up to 3 months so maybe I shouldn’t be so hasty on giving up on them.

The Red Maple and Dawn redwood seeds are now placed in the window seal, not in direct sunlight, where they are being monitor so the soil doesn’t dry out. I’m a little worried that I may over water them but I’m guessing only time will tell. These seeds have not had a cold stratification which also worries me a little but I guess this is part and parcel of learning what works and what doesn’t.

Dawn Redwood seedsredwood one

The Dawn Redwood seeds were planted on the 3rd of march 2018. You can see the stages of planting the dawn redwood in a feature on the homepage.

A few things I did different from the red maple seeds…

…Firstly once I had submerged the ‘soil capsule’ and squeezed out any excess water, I decided to remove the light casing that covers the soil, which I did not do with the red maple seeds process. I chose to crumble the soil this time around because when I left it as is I found it difficult to plant the seeds and crumbling the soil gave me a bit more control.

The second thing I did different was not placing the pot and its precious contents into the sealable bag. I have chosen to do this because the instruction stated to leave the seeds in the sealable bag, with vent holes, for a couple of weeks before placing it in a fridge to trick it into thinking it was winter etc. however the environment it is being kept in is a warm room and cause the red maple seeds compost grown mould/fungus on even though I have followed instructions. Therefore no bag. At the moment this is all trail and error for me as I learn the bonsai way. Although hopefully this information will serve a purpose for future bonsai enthusiasts old or new.

Red Maple Seeds

red maple pot1
Project Bonsai’s Red Maple Seedlings

The red maple seeds were planted on the 23rd of February 2018.

Once the seeds have remained, as they appear in the image provided on the right for up to 2 weeks, The Red Maple seeds will need to be transferred into the fridge. This is called a cold stratification period where the seeds need a period of time, usually about 3-4 weeks. However if the seeds have already germinated they will not require this process. In this case my red maple seeds still haven’t shown signs of life so it is looking as though the seeds are going to have to go through this process in around about 5 or 6 more days unless there are any developments. Ill be sure to keep you updated on any changes that may occur.

This section of the website will be updated as and when there is either progress on the seedlings or I have planted new seeds to the nursery.

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