Learning Curve


  • The Biggest learning curve at present is growing a bonsai from seed and having patients. The red maple plants have been potted for two weeks not and no sign of life as of yet. I am checking through out the day haha! Anyway, tomorrow I shall possibly place it in the fridge for a couple of weeks as it says on the instructions to see if there will be any development thought I’m beginning to think this one may be a none starter with the way I placed the seeds, I kind of pushed them into the soil a bit hence why I tried a different approach on the dawn redwood. (which you can red about in the newbie nursery section)


  • The daunting task of pruning my beloved Chinese Elm went okayyyyy. I say it like that because now when I think back to it, I could have thought about it a bit better. To be honest I did try to think about the shaping of the plant when I was pruning the delicate looking branches. Yes there’s a but and that is because I think I more or less just thinned it out instead of thinking if I leave that shoot there and let it grow out a bit I could shape it later. so yes I did think about the shape, but mostly how I wanted it to look now and not how I think it could look. I hope all this makes sense to you as it now does to me haha.

Thank you for reading I think there is going to be another new entry in this section sooner than I think laugh out loud.

Happy Bonsai Days…

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