Repot of the Elm!

Just a little snippet of a repotting of my poorly Chinese elm to see if this improves the state it is in. It’s my last ditched effort to revive the tree as it was my first baby tree!

Sorry this isn’t an extravagant video on how to repot a bonsai though maybe when I have grown in confidence as an enthusiast you never know! plus it was raining and didn’t fancy water logging my camera.

Don’t worry though I didn’t just take the tree out of one pot and stick it straight into the new pot. First I lifted the misses elm out of her old pot and freed the roots by removing as much of the old soil as I could. In this case I didn’t trim the roots as my gut instincts told me not to, strange reason I know haha! next I prepared my new pot by placing gauze over the drainage holes. I laid a layer of the bonsai mix over these and then placed the elm on top and covered the roots and such. Next I used some slow releasing plant food on top of the finished product and watered the tree and feed. (water activates the feed) Now we wait and see if any of this process works. You would not believe how happy I would be to see misses elm recovered! keep watching! 😀

I used a bonsai mix I purchased from one of my local DIY/Garden stores as shown in the image provided.818jFKsyV+L._SL1500_


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