Just one more…?

Meet Ollie the fourth member to the bonsai clan! He is a beauty and growing really nicely. I now have three totally different bonsai trees *whispers still not enough hehe*

Now I get to learn about the different needs each individual tree I own needs. As you may know from my other posts my first tree misses Chinese elm is really struggling, the other one is still doing fine. So it is true, I have two Chinese elms and they both need caring for as individuals it would appear to me at the moment.

With the struggling elm I am going to repot it as just light watering and a gently mist of water on the buds hasn’t picked the tree up as of yet. This Chinese elm tree came from a garden centre my mum brought me so I am thinking maybe the soil is not of the best quality and the feed I was using my not of been adequate enough. So, I have purchased a slightly bigger pot that the tree is currently in, some bonsai compost mix and some dissolvable plant feed that can help over a six months period. Then all I can do is wait to see if this has any affect.

I may do a blog on the repotting of the tree once I have re-potted…

Thank-you for your time 😀


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