Double trouble…

Here are my two Chinese Elms. The one which has lost all it leafs is my very first bonsai tree gifted to me from my mum. Unfortunately it isn’t look too healthy at the moment but I am not giving up all hope as it appears to have a few fresh buds as you can see in the picture below: 29550494_10155587923072106_2008864959_n

I am also going to provide the weaker elm some feed that is slow releasing in the next couple of days to see if it gives her a bit of a boost. It may or may not work but anything is worth a try on this learning curve. I will keep you posted on how this works out. 🙂

The second Chinese Elm I purchased, before my first elm decided to have a few issues, on the 14th of march and it seems to be doing fine at the moment fingers crossed! I have provided a bigger picture of Mr Elm below:


I have really fallen in love with all of my bonsai trees and when I fail at looking after one I get a little upset, I’m one of those sentimental types haha! Hence why I haven’t given up on the other elm tree. One tree in your life really isn’t enough and I intend on having several more. On that note I do have another bonsai tree I haven’t shared with you yet which I shall post tomorrow the 28th March 18.


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