Trial And Error…

So the time has come for me to attempt to grow a Chinese Elm using a cutting from My very first bonsai tree. you can never have to many bonsai trees in your life in my opinion and its great fun trying to attempt new things with them too. so here we are. Follow the Chinese Elm’s  Journey here to see its day by day progress. will it succeed or will it fail? some of you may no the answer already but for me it’s trail and error.

Hover over the images for a little caption to go with each picture

The steps I used were:

  1. First I decided which branch I would clip from my already existing Chinese Elm that wouldn’t effect its shape.
  2. I then used a ruler to measure the branch I had selected. it came out as about 10cm (I don’t think the pictured does it justice in size comparison)
  3. I clipped the cutting at a 45 degree angle as is advised in some research I did prior.
  4. I then used some bonsai compost to fill one of the pots displayed in the images.
  5. Next I got my clipping and placed it about a centimetre into the soil.
  6. I used a little bit of diluted bonsai feed into the mix (not sure if I was supposed to or not but trial and error lol!)
  7. Now all I can do is make sure it stays relatively damp and doesn’t dry out!

Lets watch this space to see if the cutting will be successful or not. This is a beginners journey so please bare with me and enjoy the adventure with me 🙂

Day by Day

Day One: Things look a little great to begin with but it’s inevitable that the leaves will die off. I wasn’t sure whether to take the leaves off to begin with or let them go naturally. I chose the latter.

Day Two: Keeping the soil moist is probably the only control I have now and making sure its getting enough light and so on. As expected the leaves are starting to droop.

Day Three: The Elm cutting has pride of place in the kitchen window getting a light airing whilst making sure the soil does not dry out. The leaves have reached there end so I may remove them tomorrow if they haven’t fell off by themselves.

Day fourteen: Apologies for the lost time. I’m not sure if you can visibly see in the updated picture, there are little flecks of green. At the moment I am not sure if this was just where the old leaves were or if its actually showing signs of life! It would be exciting if it was the latter so I’m going to monitor it as normal to see if it has taken. If al else fails I will just keep trying until something works! I am happy that I am learning all I am coming to know through experimenting and testing things out to see what methods work (or don’t) lets see what tomorrow brings. 🙂



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