Starter kits

This was my first option for a starter kit.

bonsaikit4 (2)
Project Bonsai’s first Bonsai kit


  • It’s a good price for the content ranging from around ten pound. You get two sets of tools in good order for pruning your more grown up trees cheaply with extra added content such, and that is displayed in the image above; the propagation pellets which I’m not a particular fan of but its down to personal preference. 5 growing pots, a pencil to write on the lolly sticks (also provided) propagation bags, seeds and a not so great guide, which has points missing in the print and little information for a ‘guide’

My second and current Bonsai kit


  • The kit I acquired today, and soon to be in use, is this little beauty haha. The first thing I loved about this kit and partly the reason for its purchase is the loose compost/soil as I feel it gives you more control when potting the seeds. At a glance the information/instruction booklet is in a bit more detail. It also explains a bit more in depth about the seeds in its packaging. The tray, a propagation cover to help develop the seeds is provided. I like this choice over the bag version in the first starter kit because you have more ease of access to make sure your plant is in the right conditions. Just simply lift the lid on and off to control the temperature/environment as instructed in the manual provided. With this product only just arriving I will be sure to update you on how things develop.

Happy Bonsai Days 🙂


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