Oh no…?

Checking up on my Red Maple seedlings as I do everyday. I noticed some unwanted visitors in the soil which appears to be mould! I’m thinking this is not a good thing. I tried my best to delicately remove the mould and not loose all hope as of yet.

As seen in previous pictures. The pot of seeds were in a sealable bag, which had been perforated with holes as instructed in the ‘newbie kit’.  I made sure it wasn’t drying out too much with a little spray of water.  Although I feel I am to blame for the mould. Due to the weather being very cold and the heating being on full blast indoors, the poor seedlings environment has had a knock on effect as they are in a hot room. Therefore and I feel I should write this in the learning curve area, that I should be more aware of the area’s which I have placed the seeds to develop and think about things like whether the resalable bag is appropriate and so on.

So as I fight for the Red Maple seeds existents I have removed the bag and should move onto the cold stratification process on about 5 or so days.

Fingers Crossed!

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