Dawn Redwood from seed.

Just a little snip-it of what I have been up to today. Yup, that’s right planting seeds! Who would have guessed. Only joking!

  1. Following the image clock-wise around the square into the centre we start with a bowl with some Dawn Redwood seeds. These seeds have been ‘soaking’ in the water for 24 hours as instructed by the ‘bonsai kit’. The water was warm to begin with.
  2. In the next image we clearly have a pot, a growing pot, which will be the home of the little Dawn Redwood seeds for quite some time depending on if they germinate or not.
  3. Here we have a small, round and compact piece of ‘compost.’
  4. The compost is submerged into a bowl of water until it expands in size.
  5. Once you are happy that you have allowed the compost to have expanded enough, squeeze out any unwanted amount of water.
  6. In this step I have chosen to crumble up the compost this time around. (you can find out more about this reason in the ‘Newbie Nursery’ section in the near future.
  7. I packed the growing pot up until I was happy I had enough compost left to cover the seeds.
  8. same as point seven. observe image.
  9. Now I delicately collect some of the seeds from the bowl of water.
  10. I place the seeds on top of the compost. I have attempted to place them with a bit of space between them rather than just throwing them in there.
  11. once you have happily placed them into the pot I continue to the next step.
  12. In this step I cover the seeds with the left-over compost about a small fingernail down as is the best way I can think to explain it. Then I lightly press the compost down and ta-da we have a new addition in the mix. Now only time will tell!

Don’t forget to check the Newbie Nursery feed for more information on, ongoing projects such as progress, new additions and so on. I’m on a mission hehe!


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