A First Attempt…

Today I decided to have a go at one of the most interesting parts of caring for my very first bonsai tree. Pruning!

It was a little daunting being my first attempt, but I picked up my pruning scissors and delicately snipped off a bit here and a bit there, trying to capture the shape of the tree in the process. Although there is not an awful lot of difference, in my opinion, between the before and after photo above. I  did prune a small handful off of the elms foliage (evident in the photo lol).

In the before photo you can see the elm is quite ‘chunky’ in the centre, Which I addressed by thinning the centre out, this is visible in the ‘after’ photo. I also snipped away some of the lower branches which looked a little rogue and out of place.

Once the Chinese Elm has had time to develop I will be providing another before and after picture again in the near future, hopefully capturing a bit more detail. I’ll be sure to keep you posted. 🙂


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