The Basics…?

In the image above we have a few essentials.

I took a trip to a couple of garden centres in my area looking for the tools I need for the up keep of my Chinese elm. To my surprise both stores, which were quiet large, sold bonsai trees but failed to have the tools I was looking for. I asked staff at both stores if they provided them but got told to just use a sharp pair of scissors, which is fine I guess but sometimes when you set your mind on something you go for it haha. Plus, is it not better to try and have the best tools from a kit to work with?

Therefore I turned to the good old internet for the pruning tools above, apart from the yellow pruners which were given to me in the hope that it was what I was looking for and I’m sure they will come in handy at some point.

Ill just give you a quick run through with what I have learnt through reading up about what the tools I have. so here goes:

  • The red shears are for pruning which helps with styling the tree and the way of the growth as well as trimming the roots
  • The small black sheers are for striping leaves
  • Purple spray bottle – This is used to lightly spray the leaves of the bonsai tree
  • Bonsai feed – helps keep roots healthy and happy as well as encouraging growth

I’m sure there are other tools for the trade also and ill be sure to add them in a post as time goes on, on this bonsai journey.

  • In a future post, not that far away I will be doing a before and after of my first attempt at pruning my Chinese Elm. Check back soon. 🙂

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