Only Time Will Tell…

Here we are 24 hours later and onto the next step.

The little instruction booklet stated to submerge the ‘soil’ it provided into water to allow it to expand. Once this process has happened squeeze out the excess water from the soil and then place the soil into one of the small pots provided.

Next. Collect the red maple seeds, that had been soaked for 24hours, and place them into the soil a slight way down, but not too far. once you are happy with the sowing of your seeds, the instructions state to put your pot into a sealable, see through bag, remembering to have placed some holes in the bag at the same time to prevent any ill effects. A regular check to make sure your seedlings are not drying out is welcome with a slight spray or water here or there may be required. I then used one of the ‘lolly pop’ sticks provided to put what the (fingers crossed) the creation will become in this case Red Maple.

Now we leave things developing in the bag for up to two weeks after that we shall move onto the next stage so please check back for an update on this development. However there will be other updates on other subjects in the meantime. 🙂


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