Repot of the Elm!

Just a little snippet of a repotting of my poorly Chinese elm to see if this improves the state it is in. It's my last ditched effort to revive the tree as it was my first baby tree! Sorry this isn't an extravagant video on how to repot a bonsai though maybe when I have... Continue Reading →

Just one more…?

Meet Ollie the fourth member to the bonsai clan! He is a beauty and growing really nicely. I now have three totally different bonsai trees *whispers still not enough hehe* Now I get to learn about the different needs each individual tree I own needs. As you may know from my other posts my first... Continue Reading →

Double trouble…

Here are my two Chinese Elms. The one which has lost all it leafs is my very first bonsai tree gifted to me from my mum. Unfortunately it isn't look too healthy at the moment but I am not giving up all hope as it appears to have a few fresh buds as you can... Continue Reading →

Joining the family is…

Oriental Tea Tree. I love this trees big leaves and chunky wood work. For a little tree it looks mighty strong. I haven't thought about shaping her yet as I just wanted to see how it develops and which way it favours to grow. As I have noticed with my elm, it tends to favour... Continue Reading →


You may be aware that there hasn't been much activity on the website of late. This would be due to a family bereavement. Sadly my nan, whom I was very close to, passed away peacefully in the early hours of Thursday 15th of march 2018. I will be updating the website as frequently as possible... Continue Reading →

Trial And Error…

So the time has come for me to attempt to grow a Chinese Elm using a cutting from My very first bonsai tree. you can never have to many bonsai trees in your life in my opinion and its great fun trying to attempt new things with them too. so here we are. Follow the... Continue Reading →

Starter kits

This was my first option for a starter kit.   It's a good price for the content ranging from around ten pound. You get two sets of tools in good order for pruning your more grown up trees cheaply with extra added content such, and that is displayed in the image above; the propagation pellets... Continue Reading →

Dawn Redwood from seed.

Just a little snip-it of what I have been up to today. Yup, that's right planting seeds! Who would have guessed. Only joking! Following the image clock-wise around the square into the centre we start with a bowl with some Dawn Redwood seeds. These seeds have been 'soaking' in the water for 24 hours as... Continue Reading →

Oh no…?

Checking up on my Red Maple seedlings as I do everyday. I noticed some unwanted visitors in the soil which appears to be mould! I'm thinking this is not a good thing. I tried my best to delicately remove the mould and not loose all hope as of yet. As seen in previous pictures. The... Continue Reading →

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